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Jon is the fiery spice in the Pure Bliss flavor team!
Growing up in a multicultural reality as the Army train took his family around the world, his expanded worldview coupled with the dramatic social landscape of the 60s and 70s influenced him to deepen his search for metaphysical meanings in life and to dive into spiritual pursuits.
His soul was set on fire upon coming in contact with the ancient teachings of Vedic Philosophy and he joined an ashrama at a young age, adopting a life of service where study, meditation, teaching, and cooking "taste bud blowing" vegetarian creations to feed the community were all part of his ongoing practice.
Life after the ashrama brought the inspired desire to turn that service-oriented passion into an expanded business vision, and as Divine Plan would have it, destiny arranged for he and his partner at the time to meet Antonio and Flavia. The unfolding of this story you can taste for yourself in many of Jon's creations for our delicious Pure Bliss product lines!
Antonio grew up surrounded by the beaches, sunshine, and açaí bowls in Brazil.
He was living a life of a young itinerant artist, traveling and performing with a theater troupe, when he encountered a few monks who invited him to visit the ashram where they lived. He attended the famous Hare Krishna Love Feast and never left!
His vegetarian lifestyle got a serious upgrade when he was introduced to exotic and delicious Indian cuisine, and that instant seduction took him around the world to study the principles of Vedic Wisdom and learn plant-based cooking from some of the best world famous Krishna chefs in India, Europe, and the United States.
After running a successful vegetarian restaurant in Tallahasse, FL, for many years - which Jon used to visit on his travels - Antonio moved to the Atlanta area where his daughter could attend a specialized school that teaches auditory and speech skills to deaf children.
Pure Bliss Organics was started that same year, 2005...a year that changed our lives forever!
Flavia Krsna is a visionary artist, musician, and food alchemist who grew up in a lively home in a small town in southern Brazil surrounded by farmlands and all kinds of fresh foods that come from it. Her love for good foods was instilled by her parents who found great joy in preparing delicious meals to a house full of friends and music.

Flavia's path of self inquiry took her from the realms of Zen Meditation, to explorations with Amazonian Plant Medicines, to living in an ashrama and deeply immersing in the practice of Bhakti Yoga. Throughout her journey food was always  a catalyst for transformation. Entering vegetarianism through Macrobiotics, she soon found a new level of richness and passion in the exotic Indian Cuisine along with a deepening in the understanding of the energetics of food alchemy, which furthered her explorations with raw and living foods, sprouting, fermentation, Ayurvedic principles, and so on.

Flavia is a co-founder of Pure Bliss Organics and part of the creative team, bringing innovative ideas in product development and other areas. She loves to create delicious functional foods to fuel people's dreams and feels blessed to combine a long time passion with a calling of meaningful service.


"We celebrate the gifts of Nature, the gifts of creative inspiration, the gifts of community, the gifts of health, and the gifts of life lived with a sense of purpose."
-Pete, the Blisshead

Pure Bliss Today

Pure Bliss today is a family of friends who are passionate about sharing bliss through delicious food made with pure, life sustaining ingredients. Our foundation is built on the principles of integrity, sustainability, quality, and compassion. From our suppliers, to our staff including our cooks who prepare our products, and to you - we strive to do everything with love, respect, and good intention. We use minimally processed certified organic ingredients, with NO FUNNY STUFF added in order to blissfully nourish everyone with healthy and delicious products. Give in to the Grin!